Arabella String Quartet

“the Arabella digging deep to produce performances of great intensity and poise.”

The Strad Magazine

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There’s certainly no lack of prowess in these delightful performances. The Arabellas wisely err on the side of briskness for the faster music, but with no loss of grace or refinement. They also appropriately add little ornaments and variants, making the fifth quartet’s ‘Gratioso’ a model of tasteful decoration. …This is wonderful advocacy of enchanting music.

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"This is an album well worth dipping into, exceptionally well played”

Classic FM Album of the Week, June 2017

The Arabella Quartet dispatches these graceful cameos with aplomb, and the playing is immensely cohesive and consistently alive.

Classical Music Daily June 2022

“Four unique voices share a singular story through intimate chamber music experiences for our listeners”